Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Defense of John Mayer

Hey Everyone,

Things are going well for us here at The Isaac Foundation. We are in the midst of planning our RUN FOR ISAAC! event at the National Capital Race in Ottawa again this year and are beginning to invite celebrities to our Golf Tournament, which will take place in June again at the Rivendell Golf Course in Verona, Ontario. In addition, we are in preliminary talks to host a gala event in Cobourg sometime this summer or fall! I hope to get some more information on the website sometime this weekend.

I thought I would take to our blog to write a quick defense of John Mayer, someone that I have grown to respect for the kind, caring, and compassionate person that he truly is.

I don’t care what Playboy Magazine writes about the man, and I don’t care what John says to the journalists that write what they do about him. In America, it’s all part of the game - get in People Magazine, light up the blogosphear, stay relevant - end of story.

I recognize that John plays the game better than most because he’s one of the most written about celebrities on the planet. I know he has said things that turn people off. I know he’s said things that make him sound like someone you would never want your children around - ever. But I also know the person that he truly is and the good things he tries to accomplish with the celebrity status he’s achieved.

Although I’m clearly a biased individual, the wonderful things he has done for my son Isaac stand out as some of his best charitable work. And I feel that he does it out of a true love for our son and the hope to help us find a cure for him. The genuine time he gives him during his stops here in Canada, the warm reception he gives Isaac each time he sees him, and the special way he makes my son feel is something that I will always appreciate the man for.

And for Ellen and I, the feeling of hope he gives us and the feeling that we are making a real difference on the road to finding a cure for Isaac is all that matters. Write what you want about John, think what you will, but before you hand down your verdict on what kind of person he really is, please consider the good he has done in his life.

I’m typing this away as I snuggle up with the boys. They had a fun day at the hospital, came home and made John a Valentine to give him on Sunday. They are looking forward to seeing John at his concert in Toronto. A few minutes ago I asked Isaac to tell me three words he would use to describe John and he responded “Nice, Friendable, and Loveable”. Print that bloggers, and give John his fair shake.

With Love,

The Isaac Foundation


Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a little beyond the scope of your charity to "defend" the words and actions of a sentient, adult human being who, with full knowledge, said something completely disrespectful, out of line, and totally unnecessary??

I understand your concern for your son and funding for research, but really - you've overstepped your bounds here. The fact that you wrote (in essence) that "it's an American thing" and "a media gimmick thing" and "you don't care what John says or where/how he says it as long as he keeps helping you out" - says a lot about the kind of person you are.

It's one thing to acknowledge a person's contributions and good will, it's another altogether to kow tow and say that whatever they do (good or bad) is okay with you as long as they continue to support you. People do stupid things and they say stupid things and they should be called on it when they do. John doesn't need you to "defend" him. What you are really doing is defending yourself. And you would have been better off saying nothing at all because now, you come off looking just as bad (if not worse) than he does. He (admittedly) made a stupid mistake, but here you are passionately defending that mistake in a manner directly opposite to his conciliatory and apologetic tone.

Concentrate on your charity - and leave his "defense" to his well-paid PR team, thanx.

PS - I FOUND you via John Mayer. I wanted to know who Isaac was and why he'd made a card for John. I've looked at your site a bit and I'm truly inspired by your struggle and your dedication to your son. I wish I could have left it at that, but seeing your "Defense of John Mayer" post has put me off you to some degree. I think it was in poor, inappropriate, miscalculated, and misguided taste. However much he is written about (In your mind he's one of the "most written about celebrities in the world") and however much good he does - that still doesn't give him a free pass. Well, maybe to YOU since you are so personally indebted. But don't force your indebted gratitude on everyone else. It seems self-serving and reeks of groveling. And ultimately, this kind of thing will put you in a bad light. I mean - how far are you willing to go to defend him? Is it just in this instance? Or any?

You have the right attitude towards someone who has been so kind to your family, but this was the wrong occasion. And DEFINITELY the wrong phrasing.

I wish your son a good, long life surrounded by friends and love and filled with happy memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I really hope your life is better now that you showed them the error of their ways. Imagine what you could've accomplished had you not been so 'put off' by his comments.

Devan T. said...

Wow. I have to say that I am extremely baffled by your response to this blog. Who says anyone deserves to be "called out on the stupid things they say"? We have a freedom of speech in this country which you oh-so eloquently exercised here. So, if one deserves to be called out in your opinion, doesn't one deserve to be defended as well? Regardless of the circumstances?

And I think you completely missed the message of what they're trying to say here....that message wasn't "I don’t care what John says as long as continues to help us." What a horrible, cynical world you must live in. I believe it is more so "you can't always believe what you read in the media ESPECIALLY when you have first-hand experience of his kindness and good heart."

I've said it once and I'll say it again. People say stupid things sometimes. But I don't necessarily think what a person says truly defines them as a person. Isn’t it “actions speak louder than words”? And let me assure you, I've said some pretty ugly things in my life time, but I have a very kind, honest and generous heart. The mouth can say the craziest things, but it is someone's heart that speaks the loudest. And I believe what this family has gone through with their son and with JM, their defense is well justified.

Devan T.