Sunday, October 19, 2008

Isaac Meets Another Hero, United Way, and First Day of School!

Hi All,

Well, here we are again with a month or two (or three?) going by without a blog update.  Things seem to get busy and the first thing to suffer is the blog!

Since our whirlwind summer and the excitement for Isaac over his meeting with John Mayer, things have been going extremely well.  Most significantly, Isaac started school in Campbellford.  He's thriving under the kind and caring guidance of his teacher, Ms. Rutherford. While it truly was a difficult experience sending him away to school, we are conforted by the knowledge that Ms. Rutherford is his teacher.  Isaac comes home and speaks so highly of his teacher and his love of school that letting go has been a bit easier than we thought.

This past weekend, Isaac and Gabriel had the opportunity to meet one of their heros, Danny Michel.  Danny has just released an incredible record called Feather, Fur, and Fin (  I never thought that John Mayer could ever be replaced on Isaac's iPod, but Danny Michel has done it!  Isaac and Gabe wake up most mornings and give us a concert on the living room couch.  They throw the pillows on the ground, crank up the iPod to Michel's "Sweet Things" or "I'm A Love With You Anyway" and they sing and dance away!  I'll have to record a decent video and upload it soon because it is such a cute site to see!

Anyhow, Danny Michel has been touring with our friend, Stuart Mclean from CBC Radio's The Vinyl Cafe.  The kids were getting old enough for us to be able to make our first trip to Stuart's show, and when we discovered that Danny Michel was the special musical guest, we had to go!  For about a month, the kids talked about how excited they were to be able to meet the singer, and Danny didn't disappoint.  He took the time to say hello to the kids during the Intermission and then spent some quality time with both Isaac and Gabriel after the show.  Pictured above is a grainy (sorry!) image of Isaac with his new pal.  Even though the kids were exhausted (it was 10:30 by the time the show ended!) they were relatively well-behaved and sociable.

We were so pleased for our kids that they had the opportunity to meet one of their heros.  However, Ellen and I were more impressed with how caring Danny Michel was.  It's one thing to take a minute or two for a few young fans, it's another thing to spend some quality time with them and truly make them feel important.  Danny Michel didn't make the kids feel like they had to rush through their time together.  He pulled up a chair and talked with my kids like they mattered.  He played with them and laughed with them and, in essence, maintained his status as a hero in their eyes.  

All too often we hear about musicians becoming too big for their fan base.  From what I saw of Danny Michel last night, he has his priorities straight and deserves all the stardom that will come his way.  

By the way, he's an incredible musician as well!  Please drop by and check him out.  Remember, he's officially endorsed by Isaac and Gabriel!

On another note, United Way has begun their annual fundraising campaign.  If you are in the habit of giving through your workplace, either for a one-time donation or automatic payroll deduction, you can have your donation directed to The Isaac Foundation.  Simply fill in our business number on your form.

Thanks for your support.  
The Isaac Foundation

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Lynner said...

I was at the concert last night with Isaac and Gabe and watched the two of them with Danny at intermission. I was very impressed by what a caring, kind person he was. The concert was wonderful but Danny was the highlight for the boys.