Thursday, August 02, 2007

Golf, A Relaxing Break, and Baseball...

Hello, Hello!

Our long awaited update is now underway. Sorry it's been so long. After working so hard on the golf tournament, we decided that it would be best to take a bit of time off and recuperate and relax a little bit before we get going again.

Our 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament was another great success for our Foundation. The tournament was a bit smaller than last year due to us putting most of our efforts on the RUN FOR ISAAC! event prior to the tournament taking place, but we still managed to raise over $12,000 for our Foundation.

Ellen did a great job setting up the silent auction, which was a nice addition to the tournament. We were thrilled to welcome Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip and The Honourable Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons. We are truly grateful for their support of Isaac and our Foundation.

Following the Golf tournament, Ellen and I took a bit of time off. Of course, we couldn't go far due to having to be at Sick Kids' ever Tuesday for Isaac's treatment, but we did manage to escape to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a 2 day Golf Holiday.

As things were in full swing for the Golf tournament, my sister Alesha McCabe was working tirelessly with her committee to organize a Baseball Tournament to support The Isaac Foundation. She began planning way back in January for the event, which just took place this past weekend.

And What a job she did! I was so proud of her! Numbers are just rolling in, but she managed to raise close to $6000 with her hard work and determination. Isaac, Ellen, Gabriel, and I had a great time being a part of the tournament and it was amazing to meet such kind, caring, and considerate people.

Two teams brought in extra pledges with their registrations and we truly thank them for their support. Isaac made a lot of new friends and he's pictured here with just a few of them.
In the photo on the right, Isaac is sitting with Chuck the DJ! During the pre-dance preparations, Isaac and Chuck struck up a friendship that lasted the whole night through! Chuck was so kind and patient to Isaac and showed him how to use all of the mixing equipment. Isaac sang into the microphone to his favourite John Mayer songs while Chuck and his friends helped him change songs, turn the volume up and down, and generally have a good time.

We'll try to update again soon. Just thought I'd send a quick entry with some news while I got the chance.

Again, thanks to everyone that participated int he Golf Tournament and the Baseball Tournament. Please know that all dollars raised goes directly towards research and that your efforts will get us closer to finding a cure for Isaac.
The Isaac Foundation

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