Saturday, November 11, 2006

DVD Now Available on YouTube

We've uploaded our DVD, created by my brother Cameron, to the popular YouTube website. It's also streaming above. Please stop by the site to watch the video. As well, please send the link onto all of your friends and ask them to send it onto their friends. We want to get this video to as many people as possible.

The DVD contains about a 3 minute slideshow of Isaac and our family's photographs and then details information about Isaac, his disease, and our Foundation.

Biomarin, the drug company that I've spoken of that makes the ERT that Isaac receives on a weekly basis, still hasn't seen the DVD. Perhaps they'll watch it while on the site and garner an appreciation of the amount of time and effort and resources it took for us to get their product available and funded in Canada. Perhaps they'll realize how precious the children are that are affected by this terrible disease and they'll work hard to ensure that all children have access to the treatment, regardless of their country of origin or financial assistance status. Or perhaps, as I expect, they simply don't care unless there is an assurance they'll receive their financial dues.

Take Care,
The Isaac Foundation

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