Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stomach 3cm Smaller, Isaac 1 cm Taller!

Four treatments now and things are still going well. They measured Isaac's stomach and it is 3 cm smaller, which means his internal organs are definitely shrinking down! And he was measured at 1 cm taller as well. How exciting!

We just got back from a cheque presentation at RONA, Isaac's second home and favourite place to visit. They've raised over $3000 for The Isaac Foundation! Everyone at the store is always so nice to our family and the LOVE Isaac. They truly are like family. It really is great to live in the community. They've given us such support during a tough time and have treated our son with care and compassion. We owe them a lot. An article will appear in the next edition of The Brighton Independent.

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Take Care,
The Isaac Foundation

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